Twitter Bio Writing Benchmark


In this mock Twitter Bio writing activity, students will create a professional Google Drawing that shares basic details about their life. This is an awesome activity that can be completed early on in unit 1 without too much language knowledge. This serves as one of our Unit 1 benchmarks for level 1! Behind the scenes, students are acquainting themselves with a powerful Google App that they will use later in the curriculum. The student directions are built in and straightforward–giving you time to focus on students who need individual help.


“Twitter Writing Bio” Instructions

Activity Type: Individual Google Drawing Interactive
File Info: 1 Google Drawing Template
Intended Placement: InPlainSpanish; Level 1: Unit 1
Content Focus: Review of sharing basic personal details including age, birthday and where you live.



Included is a straightforward Google Drawing template to help students make a mock Twitter Bio to review common language for sharing basic personal details. This is a great activity to complete for a digital portfolio.


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