Shado el Carterista; Interactive Slide Deck – FUN!

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A fun and interactive Google Slide deck that explores basic language structures through a video of a pickpocket humorously steeling belonging from the audience on Got Talent España. The kids love it! Lots of pattern recognition including common adjective and noun suffixes that teach students how to create THOUSANDS of new Spanish words in minutes! Complete with guided notes that are optimized for student devices! Also, several awesome ideas to expand the conversation for curious students or higher levels. Probably a few things for teachers to learn, too! This is a MUST DO activity!



Activity Type: Whole-class Video Interactive
File Info: 1 Google Slides; 32 slides
Intended Placement: InPlainSpanish; Level 1: Unit 1
Content Focus: Review of introductions, names and the verb “soy.” Explanation of “-ic” to “-ico” adjective patterns (ex. artístico, icónico, público etc.) and“-ist” to “-ista” noun patterns (ex. artist, dentist, anylist etc.)


Shado el Carterista is a Google Slide deck that scaffolds a YouTube video from Got Talent España into meaningful and fun classroom learning. The structure of this presentation is one we use frequently. Big, punchy text that focuses on isolated spoken language in the real world. We break up the video in segments to ensure students aren’t overwhelmed.

This presentation was designed to teach or review introductory conversations including: hola, ¿Qué tal?, bien, bienvenidos, ¿Cómo te llamas?, Me llamo, and soy. Additionally, this interactive begins to look at language patterns in a more practical way. Eventually, students will be faced with many verb tenses that notoriously cause headaches for all parties involved. However, the In Plain Spanish approach addresses these conjugations as patterns. We have verb patterns, yes, but also there are noun, adjective and adverb patterns that are just as common.In this slide deck, we learn two incredibly common patterns for creating adjectives and nouns from English cognates. Students will be able to create a few thousand words in Spanish just by understanding a few basic patterns.


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