Spanish 1, Unit 2 Conversational Speaking Cards!


Get students speaking every day with these conversational cards! Included are 10 questions with answering prompts. The answers are prompted with images instead of the English translation. This method is proved to improve long-term memory and parallels the natural manner we learn language. These speak for themselves. Try one or two from the product images if you’d like! Happy speaking!


Conversational speaking cards are the best way to get students speaking everyday! Spend the beginning or end of class for 10 minutes speaking with classmates. Student’s aren’t scared when they have the answer right in front of them. These cards give students the confidence to speak EVERY SINGLE DAY! It works!!

In this slide deck I include the following:

Unit 2
¿A quién te pareces de tu familia?
¿Qué le gusta comer/hacer tu familia?
¿Qué aspecto tiene tu madre/padre?
¿Cuántas personas hay en tu familia?
¿Con quién te llevas bien de tu familia?
¿Tienes hermanos?
¿Dónde viven tus abuelos/primos?
¿De dónde son tus padres?
¿Cuántos años tiene tu hermano?
¿En qué trabaja tu mamá/papá?


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