La Voz España Integrated Performance Assessment

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La Voz España Formulario is an Integrated Performance Assessment based on the ACTFL assessment. The assessment is one of the four benchmarks for Unit 1 of our curriculum. There are lots of items to pull out, but the main focuses are sharing basic details about oneself. Students should be able to recognize names, dates, basic personal descriptions and a few likes/dislikes.


“La Voz España Formulario” Instructions

Activity Type: ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA)
File Info: 1 Text Stimulus, 1 Assessment Document
Intended Placement: InPlainSpanish; Level 1: Unit 1
Content Focus: Benchmark for introductions, dates, birthdays, ages, common adjectives, addresses and likes/dislikes.



La Voz España Formulario  is an Integrated Performance Assessment based on the ACTFL assessment format detailed here. The stimulus is adapted from a real-world advertisement for La Voz España.  I highly recommend you take a look and possibly purchase the book on IPAs from ACTFL. They have rubrics that easily assess the material and also explain how to administer the assessments. The basic concept is that you are providing feedback after each section before moving forward. Alternatively, you could determine your own grading plan.


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