La Reunión Familiar

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A fun, interactive reading benchmark with a unique spin! I am always looking for real-world activities to check comprehension and I love how this turned out! So did my students!!! Students read a letter from their “Aunt” Olga and complete interactive Google Drawings task to demonstrate comprehension… Don’t worry. I tossed in a few comprehension questions, too! 🙂

I have gif directions! This went sooooo smooth with my students! I hope you and your students love it as much as we did!



Students assume a target-language identity to plan the next family reunion. Included is a letter from their “Aunt” Olga who has some recommendations on how to plan the reunion. She recommends who should sit together and who shouldn’t. Also, what food certain family members should have and the activities they enjoy. Instead of answering comprehension questions, students will complete 3 interactive tasks to show their understanding. First, they will choose seats for each family member. Then, they pick the menu. Last, they select the activity that will be best for everyone.

PS: I have also included a fourth activity with 5 comprehension questions for a further check if you need! 🙂


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