La Voz, Listening Benchmark (B112)


La Voz, Listening Assessment is a quick and fun test of students targeted listening skills. Audio is frequently assessed with a combination of multiple choice and true-or-false questions that ultimately allow students who are “good test takers” to slip through without demonstrating their listening abilities. This benchmark is a bit unconventional–the way we like it at In Plain Spanish ?. For starters, we provide the entire transcript! Throughout the transcript, key vocabulary and language chucks are underlined. Some of these are correct, but most are INCORRECT. The students will listen to decide if they are correct or incorrect. If they discover the underlined text is incorrect, they will type/write what they hear as the correct transcription.

There is a fun intro attached! Have a listen:


Audio Benchmark 112

Voice: Candela, Nicolas
File Quantity: 1
Intended Placement: InPlainSpanish; Level 1: Unit 1
Task: Benchmark 2: The Voice (International Singing Show) Listening Assessment

The following is the ACTUAL transcription… Not, the version the students receive.

B Hola.
A Hola.
A Bienvenido a “La Voz” ¿Cómo te llamas?
B Me llamo Alejandro. Soy de Buenos Aires.
A Muy bien, Alejandro de Buenos Aires. ¿Cuántos años tienes?
B Tengo veintitrés años.
A Veintitrés años… Muy joven. ¿Cómo estás?
B Yo soy muy emocionado… muy nervioso.
A Venga. ¿Qué vas a cantar?
B All of Me por John Legend.
A Muy buena canción. Vale. Adelante.
B Gracias.


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