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Unit 1 Resources are here!

I am excited to announce Unit 1 resources are here. Over the next few weeks, new materials will be posted. Many will be offered for free for the first 24 or 48 hours. Download them quick for free! Here are some of the products that have already launched.

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Spanish 1 Curriculum Coming Spring 2019!

We have been working very hard to bring you a comprehensive Spanish 1 curriculum this Spring! Soon, you will be able to access our complete curriculum as a free digital download! Because the anticipation is killing us, check out our benchmark overview for unit 1!

Benchmark 1: Twitter Bio Writing and/or Digital Portfolio Introduction

Students will create a Twitter Biography to upload to their digital portfolio. The template includes directions: Twitter Bio Writing. Students should be encouraged to take pride in this product!

Benchmark 2: The Voice (International Singing Show) Listening Assessment

Students will listen to authentic audio recordings and answer comprehension questions based on what they understood.

Benchmark 3: IPA Reading on Participant Application for The Voice/Got Talent

Students will read a participants application to participate on The Voice or Got Talent. Based on the text, they will complete an Integrated Proficiency Assessment (IPA).

Benchmark 4: “Who Am I?” Video or Flipgrid Show-and-Tell

Students will create a video using iMovie, Windows Video Editor, FilmoraGo or FlipGrid including detail about who they are. They will post their video to their digital portfolio. Alternatively, teachers can simplify this benchmark to be a show-and-tell video on FlipGrid.

Sample of our Twitter Bio Writing.